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Entrust offers software authentication platforms that strengthen security in a wide range of identity and transaction ecosystems. Government agencies, financial institutions and other enterprises rely on Entrust® solutions to strengthen trust and reduce complexity for consumers, citizens and employees. Now, as part of Datacard Group, Entrust offers an expanded portfolio of solutions across more than 150 countries. Together, Datacard Group and Entrust issue 10M+ secure identities every day, manage billions of secure transactions annually and issue a majority of the world’s financial cards. For more information about Entrust® solutions, call 888-690-2424, email or visit

Datacard SECURA

Datacard Secura Identification Software enables role-based identity management, allowing government agencies to enroll and authenticate applicant identities for passport, driver's license and government employee identity programmes incorporating BIOMETRICS AND SMART CARD TECHNOLOGIES.

Secura software provides strong authentication for citizens and government officials across a range of activities from secure enrollment to credential issuance to post-issuance management of secure identities. It helps ensure the highest levels of security with multi-modal biometric matching, and supports secure transmission and storage of identity and credential data to and from trusted sources.

Secura software improves programme efficiency. Proven and pre-integrated to work together, the commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) applications in the Secura software suite can be deployed more quickly and with lower risk than custom solutions. Modular components and flexible workflows accommodate a wide variety of agency- and application-specific needs. A standards-based open architecture ensures interoperability with FIPS, ICAO and other leading standards. With this approach customers can avoid vendor lock-in whilst supporting extendibility to the latest biometric technologies.


Datacard Group understands the drivers and best practices for EMV/chip card implementation. Our smart card experts can help simplify the smart card issuance process with proven solutions. We have successfully implemented hundreds of major EMV programs around the world. Our broad portfolio of smart card issuance solutions include everything you need for successful migration and implementation including hardware, software and consultative services. Today, Datacardr solutions are used to personalise more than 5 million smart cards a day. Our solutions are fully tested and integrated to ensure seamless operations. We work with all of the major systems integrators.

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