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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
JPM Media Pty Ltd® recognises the importance of protecting the privacy of personally identifiable information collected about our customers. For the purposes of this Privacy Statement, the word customers includes visitors to our web sites, subscribers to and users of our services, purchasers of our products and advertising customers.
We are bound by the National Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) in relation to the handling of personal information. Where appropriate we will handle personal information relying on the media exemption (but complying with the Australian Press Council Privacy Standards), related bodies corporate exemption and the employee exemption in the Privacy Act.
Personal Information
We collect personal information when we provide our services to you. Generally we will tell you why we are collecting information when we collect it and how we plan to use it or these things will be obvious when we collect the information.
We usually collect personal information directly from you although sometimes we may use agents or service providers to do this for us. We may also acquire lists from other sources, both from other companies and from other public documents.
Use of Information
We usually collect personal information such as your name, address, telephone number, and in some instances, your financial details. When you are online, we collect information regarding the pages within our network which you visit and what you click on. As a general rule we do not collect sensitive information. However, if we do, it will usually be for the purposes of providing our goods or services and if the law requires us to, we will seek your consent to collect it.
We use your information to provide our services to you, to fulfil administrative functions associated with these services, for example billing, to enter into contracts with you or third parties and for marketing and client relationship purposes. Where your personal information is contained within an advertisement which we publish for you, we may also use your information for publication of that same advertisement in other media, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the initial publication.

JPM Media Pty Ltd is taking advantage of cookies to enhance its services to users.

What is a Cookie?
Web servers are able to store small text information on web browsers. This information is called a Cookie. Cookies are basically used to keep track of user navigation and status on a web site. Also Cookies help web sites that provide personalized services to identify their users and display appropriate information to each registered user.

Where does JPM Media use a Cookie?

JPM Media Pty Ltd uses a Cookie for counting repeated users, regardless of who they are. However for registered users of personalised services, a Cookie is set to identify them so on their next attempt to use the service, they would not be prompted to login and identify themselves.

How safe is using a Cookie?
Because the Cookie information is a text value, there is no need to be worried about possible damage to your computer’s software and data. No virus or executable code will be set on your computer as a result of setting a Cookie. Cookie sizes are limited so they won’t take a lot of space.

Who can see my Cookies?
Essentially the web site that you visit sets the Cookie on your browser and will be referring to it later. But this is not a hidden information to the Internet world. That is the reason why Cookie values are scrambled and encrypted so the text value will not be too obvious for public. The cookie value set by JPM Media Pty Ltd on your computer is meaningful only to this web site.

How long will the Cookie stay on my computer?
Some Cookie values are erased when you close your browser and some remain for future usage. JPM Media Pty Ltd sets both types of cookies on your computer. The user identification Cookie will remain until the user signs off and clears it from their computer.
Hints on using Cookies on JPM Media
JPM Media Pty Ltd is using Cookies to identify registered users in order to streamline their personalized services. Without a Cookie, personalized services will not operate. Therefore users must enable their browsers to use Cookies. The identification of a user name is set as a Cookie in the registration phase. This ID will remain on that computer until it’s removed and cleared by the user. Therefore any individual may use your computer to access your personalized services. JPM Media overcomes this issue by asking the user to enter in their password even though the user identification is understood from the Cookie value. Your identification Cookie is stored on all computers where you have entered your user name and password. When using another computer where you have never accessed your account before you will need to enter your user name and password because the identification Cookie was not set on that specific computer.
Use by Third Parties
JPM Media Pty Ltd may disclose your information to its service providers and contractors from time to time to help us to provide and market our goods and services to you. We may also share your information with third parties who provide prizes for competitions or reader offers. If we do this we generally require these parties to protect your information in the same way we do.
Use of Aggregate Data
We may collect certain non-personal information to optimise our goods and services including our Web pages for your computer (e.g., the identity of your Internet browser, the type of operating system you use, your IP address and the domain name of your Internet service provider). We may use such non-personal information for internal purposes, including but not limited to improving the content of our sites.
JPM Media may use personally identifiable information in aggregate form to improve our goods and services including our Web sites and make them more responsive to the needs of our customers. This statistical compilation and analysis of information may also be used by JPM Media or provided to others as a summary report for marketing, advertising or research purposes.
JPM Media Pty Ltd strives to ensure the security, integrity and privacy of personally identifiable information of our customers. We use a variety of physical and electronic security measures including restricting physical access to our offices and firewalls and secure databases to keep personal information secure from misuse, loss or unauthorised use or disclosure.
Unfortunately, no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be totally secure.
Access to Personal Information
You have a right to access most personal information we hold about you and if we deny access in some circumstances we will tell you why.
To request access, please contact our privacy officer as set out at the end of this document.
Public Information
Any information posted on bulletin boards and/or communicated in chat areas becomes public information. While JPM Media Pty Ltd strives to protect and respect your privacy, we cannot guarantee the security of any information you disclose in a chat room or bulletin board.
Online Links to Third Party and Co-Branded Sites
JPM Media Pty Ltd may establish relationships with business partners that allow visitors to our Internet sites to link directly to sites operated by these partners. Some of these sites may be “co-branded” with our logo; however, these sites may not be operated or maintained by or on our behalf. These sites may collect personal information from you that may be shared with us. This Privacy Statement will apply to any personal information we obtain in this manner.
JPM Media® is not responsible for the content or practices of Web sites operated by third parties that are linked to our sites. These links are meant for the user’s convenience only. Links to third party sites do not constitute sponsorship, endorsement or approval by JPM Media® of the content, policies or practices of those third party sites. Once you have left our site via such a link, you should check the applicable privacy policy of the third party site.
What else you should know about privacy on the Internet
Remember to close your browser when you have finished your user session. This is to ensure that others cannot access your personal information and correspondence if you share a computer with someone else or are using a computer in a public place like a library or Internet cafe? You as an individual are responsible for the security of and access to your own computer.
Whenever you voluntarily disclose personal information over the Internet, be aware that this information can be collected and used by others. In short, if you post personal information in publicly accessible online forums, you may receive unsolicited messages from other parties in return. Ultimately, you are solely responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your username and passwords and any account information. Please be careful and responsible whenever you are using the Internet.
For further information
Please contact JPM Media Pty Ltd to ask for access to your information or if you have a complaint concerning your information privacy or if you would like more information about our approach to privacy.